Bittersweet Photo Shows Kitty’s Last Car Ride With His Owners. Grab Tissues!

Andrew the cat was over 15 years old (that’s a long time, for a cat!) and had been given a happy, full life by his owners.

He and his wife also have dogs, and while he loved his cat, he wasn’t really a “cat” person. The bond he had with Andrew the cat seemed to transcend his care for the feline species in general.

Andrew was always happy to see everybody, always won fights with the dog, and just wanted you around all the time. He was by my side for years, through high school, undergrad, podiatric medical school, and residency. He just finally got too weak to keep up.”8.26a13

Over the last year, Andrew grew weaker and sicker. It seemed that every single day was a struggle for the aged cat, and when Andrew stopped purring, the couple knew that it was time to say goodbye to their long-time friend.

I’m not sure I’ll get another one,” he said. “My wife and I have dogs and will never be without them, without a doubt, but I’m not really a cat guy. I was just an ‘Andrew the cat’ guy. It’ll be a while if we get another, but nobody will replace him.”

After posting the picture online, people shared their own stories of their favorite pets that had passed on. They shared their grief together, and encouraged each other. Losing a pet is difficult, but losing a friend is even worse.

Enjoy your new life in that litterbox in the sky, Andrew. Catch a few mice for us!


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