Bittersweet Kitten Rescue Performed By Determined Deputy From Storm Drain

Deputy Burger was called out to a local elementary school for a rescue mission – but it wasn’t for any of the children! Shelia Tipton realized that some kittens had gotten trapped in a storm drain after a heavy rain storm, but had no idea how to help them.

When she arrived at the school, she saw the mother cat sitting on top of the storm drain. It was an odd thing for a cat to be doing, so she decided to investigate. As she got closer, she realized what the mother’s concern was…her kittens had fallen through the slats of the drain and gotten trapped! Supposedly, there were three kittens down there. She called for help.
Deputy Burger decided to see if he could rescue the kittens and spent a long time doing his best. I was cold, wet, and raining, but he was determined to do what he could to help.

Eventually, he was only able to find and rescue one single kitten from the drain. She was freezing, wet, and scared, but was quickly reunited with her mother.
While the other kittens couldn’t be found, this one survived to live another day. Shelia took pictures and posted them to the department’s Facebook page. She thought that Deputy Burger had done an amazing job, and thanks to him, one little kitten was given a new chance at life.

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