Best Friends Start An Amateur Beauty Guide To Lip Color And People Are So Thankful!

Piaget and Michelle knew the struggle that most people face when they see a new shade of lipstick; it looks great on the model, but will it look good after they buy it? That’s the question that these two friends wanted an answer to…one thing led to another and they ended up starting a wildly popular Instagram account in which they answer that exact question with new shades of lip color for others to reference. They swatch all sorts of products and nothing is off limits. They don’t limit themselves to high-end products, either! Some of the lip colors that they buy and try out cost $5! Having the reference of a lip color on two different skin tones had gotten them a large following! Thousands of people enjoy their pictures and are usually inspired to try the colors out for themselves…And in some cases, thankful that they saw these pictures before making an expensive mistake when they realized that the color probably wouldn’t look good on them after all!And some colors are universally beautiful no matter the skin tone!The self-described amateurs are quickly proving that you don’t have to be a beauty guru to do something wonderful. They put a lot of thought into each picture, and people are starting to notice! No wonder they’ve gone viral!

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