Best Friends Hold Fairytale Wedding To Help Complete Her Bucket List

Eileidh Paterson is a cheery 5-year-old who is living with a terminal neuroblastoma. Diagnosed in 2014, her oncologist eventually declared that she wouldn’t survive long-term. Instead of giving up on life, Eileidh began to put together a bucket list, and one of those items was to marry her best friend, 6-year-old Harrison.

The Scottish best friends were excited to plan a wedding with their favorite things: princesses and super heroes! It would be fun to bring their friends and family together for a day of fairytales and hope.

They got all dressed up and exchanged necklaces in an adorable ceremony, after which Eileidh’s sister read a poem to mark the special occasion.  Her groom had never had the chance to go to a wedding – in a touching turn of events, his first wedding was something to remember!

Once the ceremony ended, everyone began to dance and celebrate, enjoying every moment of the day they had been given together. The two best friends had been inseparable ever since they had met. Having a little ceremony and a big party was a wonderful way to mark their time together, and hopefully, Eileidh will have more years ahead of her.

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