Best Buy Tried To Charge $42 For A Case Of Water During City’s Most Vulnerable Time

Price-gouging during times of need are the epitome of greed, and for this Best Buy, locals in the surrounding community got to experience it first hand. While the supply shortage following the flooding of Hurricane Harvey was affecting hundreds of thousands of people and devastating massive areas of South Texas, Best Buy was looking for a way to make a quick profit. Their actions quickly went viral online, and people were NOT happy!At first, it seemed insane, but many people were quick to realize what the electronics giant had done. Purchasing individual bottles at a dollar or two ┬áisn’t unheard of at the register. Many stores might have a refrigerated selection of sodas, waters, and sports drinks for around $1.50. Sure, you could buy a case in bulk and save a lot of cash, but the convenience of a single, chilled bottle is too good for many customers to pass up. In this case, commenters guessed that the store decided to sell the cases at its retail price of individual bottles…but altogether in a single case.

While it might make sense, it still looks terrible, especially when the gaudy printed sign reads “LIMITED SUPPLY!!” with excessive exclamation points.

Other businesses are focusing on helping their communities, some going so far as to use kayaks while delivering free pizzas to flooded neighborhoods. While the store may have apologized for its lack of judgment, people won’t forget this anytime soon.

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