Best Babysitter Ever Makes Little Girl’s Mermaid Dreams Come True

Keegan Carnahan is a 15-year-old girl who earns a bit of extra cash by babysitting…but it turns out that she might actually be a mermaid that made her way onto land from the coast of Florida!

All day, 3-year-old Alidy had been wearing her mermaid costume. When she arrived at Keegan’s house, she immediately thought the older teen was a mermaid because of her pink hair! That gave Keegan an idea…

When it was time for Alidy’s bathtime, Keegan had a huge surprise!When Keegan was 12, she fell in love with mermaids and had a mermaid tail stored away in her closet! She put it on and surprised Alidy…who was SUPER excited to swim around in the bathtub with a real mermaid! Her happiness showed, and Keegan snapped a picture to show mom later!

How often do your dreams get to come true?!
Letting children be children is an important part of growing up, and when Alidy’s mom saw it, she thought it was incredibly sweet! Keegan went above and beyond to make this little girl feel important, and the joy on Alidy’s face is contagious!

Keegan intended to share the sweet picture with her family and friends, but it quickly went viral…it turns out that a LOT of people love mermaids and are praising this babysitter for making the evening so fun for everyone!

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