Best Aunt Ever Hosts Outdoor Drive-In Movie Night For Her Nieces And Nephews! (EASY DIY!)

For one family, the term “movie night” wasn’t just the family gathering in the living room and piling on top of one another with pillows and snacks. Jessie’s aunt decide to turn a simple movie night into a spectacular DIY masterpiece. Her easy “drive-in theater” is going viral, and you’ll see why!

First, she made portable snacks for each one of her nieces and nephews, packaging candies, popcorn, snacks, and drinks in an easy-clean-up cardboard tray.  Next, she used cardboard boxes and created customized “cars” with license plates displaying each child’s name, decorated to match! What better way to watch the movie than in their own cars?! Genius!

She set up a big screen that she’d purchased online along with a projector and everyone settled in for a fun night out!
Others have commented that they’d love to do this, but that they’d be more concerned about the mosquitoes in the area. Others say they’d have just hung a white sheet against the side of the house instead of spending so much on a big screen.

More are excited to take notes and try this idea out before the summer is over!

Would you try out this crazy cool “drive-in?!” The attention to detail is what really made this aunt’s idea really take off! The kids had a blast!

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