Beloved Local Chihuahua Missing For Five Days. Villagers Funded A Drone Search To Rescue Her

Cherry, a 5-year-old Chihuahua went missing in South Wales…and people noticed.

While out for a walk, Cherry was happily playing fetch with her owner’s father. They had been walking up a nearby mountain in the evening, and he was throwing small sticks that they found along the way. Cherry would race after them and bring them back…but at one point, he tossed a stick, and Cherry didn’t return. She had fallen into an old mining shaft, and while they searched and searched for her, they just couldn’t find her. Eventually, they decided to raise enough money to hire a drone with thermal imaging capabilities to try and find the small dog quickly. It had been days, but their family, friends, and neighbors were able to raise £1,200 for the drone flight.But when a local drone company heard what the villagers were raising money for, they decided to donate their services to help find the dog. Starting in the last place Cherry was seen, the drone was able to pick up her body heat within 20 minutes!

The vet declared Cherry in good health. She was exhausted and bruised, but would be just fine.

The family has offered to refund the donations given to them, but if people don’t accept their money back, the family plans to donate the funds to a local charity instead.

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