Belle Made A Child’s Dream Come True By Offering To Do Something SUPER Special!

At birth, Daisy was diagnosed with a form of Dwarfism called Achondroplasia. The 7-year-old girl has undergone surgery after surgery, with doctors attempting to help her body grow the best way that it can. She has survived and overcome surgeries all over her body, including her head, legs, neck, and back. One of the nurses who works closely with Daisy nominated the sweet child for Make A Wish, a foundation that grants impossible wishes for children who are fighting for their lives.

Daisy was accepted! Above everything, she wanted to travel to Walt Disney World to meet her faorite princess, Belle, fromĀ Beauty and the Beast.Daisy’s mother told Belle the reason for their visit, and that Belle was her daughter’s favorite princess. Belle had a chat with Daisy and offered to give her a tour of “all of France,” and walked with the child through the park.

For a day, Daisy wasn’t having to worry about surgeries or doctor’s appointments. She just got to be carefree and have fun.” Her mother said.

Disney characters at their theme parks never break character, but when Daisy was saying goodbye, Belle very nearly cried!Daisy leads a hard life, but her will to keep fighting helps her to get through each day. Being able to travel to the theme park, meet her favorite princess, and spend an afternoon walking with Belle is a memory that she won’t soon forget!

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