Before Exchanging Their Vows, They Promised To Do THIS! If I Hadn’t Seen PICTURES, I Wouldn’t Believe It!!

Claire and her boyfriend Stephen had been together for years. Claire had a daughter, and although she wanted to marry Stephen…she just couldn’t. It wasn’t that she didn’t love him. It was that she didn’t love herself. 

At 31 years old, she weighed just under 200 pounds. For a woman of average height, that not a shocking weight, but Claire was only 5’3” and felt like the weight was controlling her and not the other way around. She wasn’t moved to change until a stranger from her job made a comment about her size.

For some reason, the words nagged at her until she could no longer ignore them.


Claire, like a lot of us, was a comfort eater. After long hours at school and training for her job, she would find herself eating large meals late at night to keep off the stress…but it did nothing to keep off the pounds. She felt like “a bad role model for my daughter.” If she showed her daughter that this was an acceptable way to live life, what kind of future was she giving her? Where did you draw the line?


She confessed her concerns to Stephen and gave him a chilling ultimatum: if she couldn’t change her lifestyle, she couldn’t marry him.

Instead of being hurt or angry, he proved himself by pledging to join her on her journey. He wasn’t necessarily obese, but he wasn’t in great shape, either. He decided that if they were going to stand by each other in marriage, they should stand by each other in everything else, too.

They joined a gym and began to turn their lives around.

It was a long journey with a rocky beginning. They tackled their problematic diet first, trying their hardest to follow a routine that would help them with weight loss.

1.7f5They joined a fitness club, and over the course of several years, saw their quality of life drastically improve. Claire lost 90 pounds, while Stephen shed even more than he had ever dreamed. 

When they were able to look at their reflections and feel confident and healthy, they decided to move forward.


3 years after the couple started their journey, Stephen asked for her to marry him…and this time, she said “yes!” Neither of them thought they would be where they are today, and Claire is sure that her difficult decision changed not only her life, but her daughter’s as well.

Even though her goal seemed impossible at the time, Claire has done an amazing job at finding herself and being happy with her body. Stephen is happier, too. Their lives seem more fulfilled, and above all else, they know that their actions have influenced their daughter in the best ways possible. These two are incredible, and I wish them the best of luck!

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