Beauty Blogger Shocked When A Fan Left A Comment On Her Photograph That She Couldn’t Ignore

Paige Matthews is a fan of the beauty blogger named Gina Shkeda. She posts photographs and snapshots of her makeup and fashion choices, and often gets comments from fans – both positive and negative – about her looks. But one day, she posted a picture without any makeup, and the reaction of one fan was certainly NOT what she expected…she just couldn’t ignore it. She had to reply.

Gina posted the picture fresh out of bed, and while some people commented that she was flawless… Paige left this:

If I could wake up as beautiful as Gina Shkeda, I’d be the happiest girl alive. #NaturalBeauty.”

But Gina wasn’t going to let the girl believe it for one second.She wants people to appreciate their own beauty in life and love the body they were born in. She posts tutorials and inspirations for others to try, but her message in this case? Love yourself.

Comparing yourself to others isn’t a good way to built self-confidence, and she wasn’t going to stand for her fan to feel less beautiful because of her picture.

She gained thousands of new fans that day, thanks to her honesty, and others were inspired.

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