Beauty Blogger Is Making People CRINGE As She Mashes Expensive Products Together

After Rihanna released her expansive beauty line, Fenty Beauty, makeup lovers rejoiced. 40 shades of foundation gave women even more of a chance to get their “perfect skin tone match” along with colored highlighters for more makeup possibilities…until one beauty blogger got a hold of it and shocked thousands of fans.

Nickole Hoang, “Beauty Killer,” decided to destroy her products to transform them into something completely different. She sliced the purple Match Stix highlighter into pieces and mashed it with a liquid gold elixir. Why? According to her, to make it “perfect.”

According to Hoang, the mixture gave the highlighter the exact effect she was looking for.

There is a method to the madness. I find I get the most pigmentation from the middle [of the stick] versus the uncut smooth top.” She reveals.

She knows what she likes, at least. Meanwhile, people are fairly disturbed.

The amount of product going to waste in her methods is making people extremely uncomfortable, but that’s exactly why she has so many followers! While most of us wouldn’t use 1/3 of a bottle of foundation on one look, she does so for the fun of it. It’s mesmerizing.

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