“BBQ Dads” Pull Through For Group Of Young Adults Who Wanted The “Dad Experience”

A few weeks ago, a group of young adults were planning a backyard BBQ and realized that they were missing an important aspect of the Father’s Day celebration: a Dad. They wrote a very specific set of requirements in a Craigslist ad, calling for a “dad whose name does not exceed five letter.”

Hundreds of applicants applied meeting the list of qualifications, but in the end, Scott, Pete, and Jim came to the rescue. The group from Spokane, Washington, were looking for a “dad” to be the stand-in dad for the BBQ they were throwing for over a dozen friends. They wanted a dad at the ready to grill, dish out dad-like advice about any and all dad-topics like lawnmowers, cars, building your own deck, and Jimmy Buffet to name a few.

The group chose three “dads” to attend their party and supplied the food and beer. 

One of the “dads,” Scott, was mourning the recent loss of his own father and being able to spend Father’s Day with a group of people focused on “dad-ing” helped him to cope with it in a healthy way.

Surrogate dad Jim brought his huge grill and took over the grilling. The story gained a lot of attention and the group ended up being sponsored by local breweries and companies that wanted to contribute to the event.

Many of the group’s real dads showed up, too, finding the whole thing hilarious.

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