Bath Jellies Are Exactly As Adorable As They Sound…And You Can Make Them At HOME!

Have you heard of bath jellies? Sometimes referred to as “shower jellies,” these little squishy cubes of soap are a lot of fun and can make bath time more exciting for kids. (But I won’t lie, I love them too!)

Adding a little bit of fun into your bath time routine doesn’t have to be expensive, and in this case, you probably already have the ingredients in your home! All you need is a cup of boiling water, shower gel or body wash, and gelatin. You can also substitute Agar powder for gelatin, although you’ll need to follow the instructions on the packet because it may require a bit of salt to work properly.
This method uses colored body wash, gelatin, and hot water! Choose a fun mold to chill the jellies into neat shapes and get ready to make bath time exciting again!After letting them cool for several hours, they’ll be ready to use! You can add a bit of coloring if the gel isn’t vibrant enough, and some recipes even add shimmer powder to make them sparkle! You can squish them, pinch of chunks, or use them as regular soap. The most important thing to remember? They will melt. Store them in a cool, dry place…not the shower or bath room! You’ll end up with a big, soapy mess! Have you ever used shower jellies before? You can see the full tutorial here!

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