Bank’s Error Allowed Man To Spend $2.1 Million Before Getting Caught. This Is What He Bought

Luke Moore was only 22 years old when he realized that the bank had made a huge mistake. Over the past year, he had been allowed to make purchases well into the negatives…but he wasn’t being billed for any of it. It started with just over $9,000 in spending money that he didn’t have. The next year, he ran with it.

He purchased luxurious cars Рan Alfa Romeo and a Maserati. The bank said nothing. So, he kept spending.

He purchased cars, a boat, signed memorabilia from famous artists and athletes.

He spent the unlimited cash on drugs, parties, and fast cars…until he was caught in 2015 after spending $1 million dollars on flashy cars and toys, and stashing away $1.1 million dollars in cash. Five years later.

While he was sentenced to four years in jail, it was overturned after going through the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal. The court found that, while he had taken and spent the money, he hadn’t been deceptive about any of it. The court ruled that his conviction had been a mistake – it was the bank’s error that caused the outrageous spending, not criminal actions by Moore, in the end.

Now, Moore is 29 and broke, living at home. But he learned that the most important things in life, like family and real friends, are free.

I’ve had to give everything back…but I’m happier this way as I’ve realized my family and friends are my biggest treasures.”

If he could go back and do it all again, he says that he wouldn’t. Now, he lives with his mother and is studying criminal law.

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