Baggage Claim Was A NIGHTMARE For The Returning Olympians Of Great Britain. Every Bag Was The Same!

Along with official attire, the Olympic athletes of Great Britain were also issued bright red luggage to store their travel items. The athletes were arriving to the airport at the same time. It was 5a.m., but due to the time difference between the airport and Rio, their bodies thought that it was 1a.m. Jet-lagged and exhausted, they soon realized that a large problem awaited them than just making travel arrangements to go home…

“Have you seen my bag? It’s red.”8.25a1

The matching luggage created a huge headache that officials seemed to have overlooked. If the athletes had been staggered in their arrivals, coming home at different times on different days, maybe the issue wouldn’t have been quite so…ridiculous.

Bemused and bleary-eyed athletes began tweeting the madness and posing for amusing photos with each other as they tried to navigate the sea of identical luggage.8.25a2

It took over 2 hours for athletes to work together and eventually end up with the correct bags, but after a long journey, they really shouldn’t have been forced to deal with it in the first place. 8.25a3

It must have sounded like a great idea in theory. Many sports teams have matching bags for overnight trips. With a team of 10 to 20 athletes and coaches and assistants, it usually isn’t such an issue. But having a couple hundred bags can be…well, you’ve seen the pictures. The good news is that officials now have 4 years to come up with a better plan for the next Olympic games!


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