Back In 1982, They Promised To Take This Same Photo Every 5 Years. 35 Years Later? WOW!

The 19-year-old friends had an interesting idea while on vacation in North California. They snapped this picture at the Siskiyou Country reservoir and decided that in five years, no matter where they were in life, they would return and take another picture. They were going to try and re-create it and promised to do whatever they had to in order to make it back to that same spot together.

1982, 1987.They called it the Five Year Photo Project, and continued.

1992, 1997. It was cloudy that year, so the friends decided to just pose in what they had worn, staring into the camera as if it were still 10 years earlier. They decided it was easier to wear clothing.2002, 2007. A few inconsistencies – one forgot to bring sunglasses and couldn’t find a tiny jar…but they made it!2012, 2017.

For the first time in over 20 years, they decided to ditch the shirts and try to make the picture as similar as possible to that very first snapshot in 1982!

It was a huge accomplishment to stick together even as the decades passed, and the friends are glad to have such a unique way to document their lives together. Even when life drew them apart, they always found a way to come back together and make it memorable.

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