Bachelor Party Returns From Celebration In The Woods, Proclaimed Heroes

Mitchel Craddock decided to host his bachelor party while camping in the woods with his buddies. Like most camping trips, there was plenty of food, and on their very first morning, decided to cook up some delicious bacon. While they may have expected the strong aroma to lure in unsuspecting animals, they never expected a dog to show up at the cabin door. They decided to call her Annie.

The dog had no collar, but was so sweet and gentle that the guys assumed she must have a home nearby…but she wouldn’t come inside. She was visibly dehydrated and hungry, but she wasn’t coming in.

They decided to put food and water in front of her and watched in awe as she gobbled up the food as fast as they could give it to her.

She kept coming back to sit in front of the cabin and wait for scraps…but the guys noticed something strange. Any time a curious squirrel or bird went near one spot in the woods, Annie would take off to defend it, barking and snarling until the creatures left the area.

10-27a9One brave friend realized that she was guarding a hole in the ground, and they realized that she must be hiding puppies. They began to pull the puppies out, seven in total. They were filthy and needed medical attention.

So, the guys got to work giving the puppies baths and preparing to bring them to a veterinarian. Instead of four-wheeling and camping, they were playing with puppies.

All of the puppies were treated by a local veterinarian, and each puppy has since found a forever home – including Annie!


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