Baby Is Just Trying To Sleep When Dad Does This!

It is all fun and games for this dad who enjoys a comedic moment with his baby by giving him a scare with his snoring. The adorable angel is asleep but awakens with a rumbling sound. What can it be? Is it a big and unforgiving dragon? Can it be a train fast heading his bed? The look on the baby’s face is priceless, every time his father lets out a ruckus from the depths of his belly!

For sure, the kid is not amused getting roused from his nap, but still, you got to appreciate the simple joys of life parents get to enjoy with the children. This may all be a ridiculous joke but it is sure a moment to treasure for the father. Who knows, when the baby grows up, they can both sit down as father and son and watch this clip for a good and hearty shared laugh.

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