Awesome Cat Shelter Brings Aging Cats To Visit The Elderly. This Touching Photo Says It All!

The Ohio Alleycat Resource and Spay Neuter Clinic has a PALS program that brings older, adoptable cats to socialize at a local senior home. The cats appreciate the attention and treats, and the residents are in love with the soft and cuddly animals.

The cat shelter is no-kill, which means that they care for the cats and try to find forever homes for the abandoned felines. This particular cat has been called Chantilly ever since she came to the shelter. Her cuddly disposition made her a favorite at the event, and this photograph went viral as soon as it was posted. 7.7a3The program visits several different nursing homes on a weekly basis. Older cats make wonderful companions, and senior citizens tend appreciate the opportunity to meet new animals and make friends. Sometimes, even adopting a new one! The volunteers love to see the animals and humans bonding more and more, and celebrate when a cat gets adopted.

To find programs like this in your area, contact your local shelters and ask! They can always use more volunteers and could use a helping ‘paw’ when they host events like this.

Who knows, you may even end up with a new friend! When you find a no-kill animal shelter, support it! It gives the animals a fighting chance after being abandoned or lose their owners.

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