Average Family Of Four Spends 6 Months Working Out Together…Their Transformation Is INSPIRING!

When people make “New Year’s resolutions,” one of the most common items on their lists is to lose weight. They join gyms, go for a few weeks, and eventually quit. It’s hard to make such a drastic lifestyle change on their own and many people end up deciding that maybe it just isn’t worth all of the extra effort. But there was one reason that this family decided to make a change and stick to it…and it’s adorable.

Jesse and his wife were expecting a little boy and wanted to do their best by him. When Jesse’s mother came to live with them in order to help his wife before and after the birth of her grandson, Jesse asked his father to move in as well. Together, they decided to increase the odds of everyone living long enough to watch the boy grow up. Jesse’s father drank too much, they all ate unhealthy foods, and their lack of exercise was beginning to take its toll on their health.For six months, the family made changes. They ate healthy foods together, began to exercise, and stuck to daily regimens to encourage one another to keep going. At the six month mark, they were practically unrecognizable. They were happier, healthier, and hopeful for the future…and it showed!They welcomed their grandson into the world along with their newfound happiness.It’s amazing what a little hard work can accomplish!

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