Autistic Girl’s Favorite Shirt Was Discontinued. Mom Begged The Internet For Help. They Replied In BULK!

Cami is a young girl who has fallen in love with a specific shirt. She is on the Austism spectrum, and as a result, it has always been a challenge to find clothing that respects her sensory sensitivities. She had always responded positively to the shirt, and her mother, Deborah, has been able to find 5 replacement shirts sold by random people on eBay as Cami wore through the clothing. But sadly, that option has run its course and mom has not been able to find a replacement…and time is running out. Cami’s current shirt is nearly unwearable, and Deborah thought that she may as well ask strangers on social media for help.8.18a15

The request quickly gained traction, and the post spread far and wide as people went through their children’s closets to see if they had this specific shirt. 8.18a16

They were sold in 2011-2012 before being discontinued.

This is where you come in. We need another “pink flower shirt”, so we will pay for the shirt and the shipping if someone would be kind enough to sell it to us. It has to be this exact shirt! We’ve tried similar shirts, and they don’t cut it with Cami!  Thank you so much!! (any size is great!)”

And parents began to send them. So far, Cami has received 5 shirts in various sizes, and at the time of this article, 73 shirts are currently on their way to the family!8.18a17

Target caught wind of Deborah’s plea and has something in the works! In the meantime, others have offered to re-size larger shirts and create blankets, stuffed animals, and accessories with the scraps of material. Cami will never have to say goodbye to her favorite shirt ever again!


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