Attempted Car Jacking Avoided After Suspect Escaped Into A Small Hole Nearby

“Put ’em up!” The adorable criminal probably said.

When Deputy Brandon Dennington’s K9 vehicle was about to leave the parking lot, the furry bandit made his move, halting Dennington’s next move! Dennington managed to snap this quick picture of the suspect before he fled the scene, presumably into a nearby hiding hole.

Suspect is 4 inches tall, weighing 1 ounce and wearing a grey and white fur coat.” He wrote.

They had suspicions regarding the suspect’s motives, too!

Deputy Dennington was headed to his work assignment at the Golden State Warriors game. Further investigation revealed the suspect was likely a San Antonio Spurs fan trying to intimidate us. Deputy Dennington was able to use de-escalation techniques and get the rabid fan off his car.” The Sheriff’s Office wrote.

Others who saw the story weren’t so sure that they would ever find the suspect. “He ain’t no rat, after all!”

The hilarious picture went viral on Facebook instantly! Of all the things that people expected to see on the Alameda County Sheriff’s Facebook page…it was NOT this!

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