At The Beginning Of This Photo Shoot, The Bridesmaid LEAPS Into The Lake! Her Reason Is Heroic!

Unless it was planned for dramatic effect, having a single bridesmaid jump into a scenic lake can ruin a photograph. Having her leap in at the very beginning of the shoot? Unless there is a very good reason, most brides would be furious. In this case, the reason saved a little life!

Rosie Hardy was taking pictures of a bridal party in front of a gorgeous lake. The girls had their makeup on, their dresse were perfection, and the guys were ready to go…until they heard a horrific noise coming from the lake. Before anyone could stop her, one bridesmaid jumped in!

A huge black swan lunged at two baby goslings, trying to drown them! Nature is scary. The terrified goslings were making a horrific noise, just trying to survive the vicious attack, but this brave bridesmaid wasn’t having any of it. She broke up the near-murder and saved those little lives without a second thought.

She returned the shaken goslings to their parents, who reportedly thanked her with two loudĀ honks! She climbed back out of the lake, and surprisingly, only the hem of her dress had gotten wet! Another bridesmaid began to wring out the material, blowing on it to try and get it to dry out faster. After all, they had all gathered to take pictures, and they still needed to take them!It was definitely a photo session that the photographer will always remember, and that these bridesmaids will never forget! A huge part of being a photographer is expecting the unexpected. With these photos in her repertoire, she has proven that she is up for anything!

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