At 85-Years-Old, What Will Your Life Have Meant? These Are The Things She Wished She Had Done.

The truth is that many of us don’t need to wait until we are 85 to look back over our choices and wish we had made different ones. At 60, we might wish we had started that strange hobby at 50. At 40, we probably wish we had taken that week-long getaway to an exotic destination 5 years prior. At 12, we wish that we had been more kind to that new kid before they vanished to another school. Life is full of choices, and sometimes, taking the “safer” path isn’t always the path that will make us happy. 8.31a3Nadine Strain – her name was misspelled in the 1978 printed version – died at a nursing home in November of 1988 and was an accomplished pianist and organist. The poem was also printed before that in 1953 by Don Herold (1889-1966). And before that, the poem was translated from Spanish before 1935 with small changes here and there to adapt the poem to the times. While we can’t be overly certain just who wrote the original poem, the sentiment rings true decade after decade.

“Living each day like it was our last” is the moral of stories, movies, books, and countless conversations. Our lives are full of regrets and second-guesses…and if we’re honest, we’ll probably always have them no matter what we choose to do with our time. The important thing is to focus on what is important in life and try our best to live as if every moment might very well be our last.


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