At 60, He Grew A Beard And Landed A Sweet Job As A Model. Yes, You Read That Right!

Philippe Dumas is living the dream – at the age that many people start looking to retire, he has taken on a new career. After you see these pictures, you’ll understand why! He decided that he was done with his job as a unit manager in the film industry…but what next? After growing out his beard, he became famous on social media. In fact, he has already gotten work with several modeling agencies.
In a world that idolizes perfection and youth, he is smashing the industry standards and proving that you don’t have to be any one way to pursue a modeling career. He began growing out his beard. While he thought it looked a bit messy, he was receiving a lot of compliments on his new look. He went with it.Getting older is not such a bad thing, he admits. Young kids love to take selfies with the social media star! And with that awesome, classic, timeless wardrobe, who can blame them?

We have to be very careful when getting to an older age not to be overwhelmed by the transformation happening to the body. It’s necessary not to give up and keep the same activities and life routine as when younger.”

His photos went viral when someone uploaded them online – although Dumas says that it wasn’t him, he believes that everyone should follow their dreams. It’s never too late, no matter how old you get. Never stop dreaming.

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