Aspiring Artist Saving For Special Marker Set Gets A SHOCKING Surprise After Sketching For Donations

Parents want to give their children all of the tools to achieve their dreams, but when Shavonya Coleman’s daughter, Rhema, asked for markers that would cost a whopping $350, she had to put her dreams on hold.

Rhema asked for us to buy her a set of “Copic” markers. Me, not knowing what they were, agreed, but quickly shut down my laptop when I saw the price of $350!” Coleman wrote on Facebook.

The pair came up with a new plan: Rhema would sketch in return for small donations, and work hard for every penny that she earned. News of Rhema’s goal spread far, and it was achieved in spectacular fashion.

Coleman was approached by someone that she had never even met. They had heard about Rhema’s dream and immediately bought the entire set of Copic markers, telling mom to let Rhema use the other donations for pencils, sketch pads, and professional erasers. 10-7a16

Mom decided to surprise Rhema by hiding the markers in a brown cardboard box, telling her that it was sausage, asking her to take two out. When Rhema opened the box, she realized what was inside and couldn’t contain her joy! Her happiness has gone viral, and people from across the country want to join in! Several kind people have already offered to send her art supplies after seeing her grateful reaction and want her to succeed. 10-7a17Her genuine surprise at receiving the set has touched a lot of hearts, and people have congratulated this mom for teaching the aspiring artist the value of hard work. Thanks to her supportive mom, Rhema knows what it means to follow her dreams!


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