As Soon As She Saw This 10-Year-Old Shelter Cat’s Eyes, She HAD To Adopt! WOW!

Hannah went to the shelter because she wanted to train and become a volunteer. She would need to go through training, but she didn’t think it would affect her so much. Meeting the animals was an incredible experience, but once she reached the cages where the shelter kept their elderly animals, she fell in love.

He was scruffy at first. He had an upper respiratory infection and a bad case of feline acne and gingivitis (he’s missing some teeth, too). Since he was a sick and older than all of the other cats, my heart broke for him.” Hannah wrote.

He was vulnerable, but he never lost hope. When he finally opened his eyes, she no longer had a choice.

He’s the cuddliest wad of fur I’ve ever encountered,” she wrote.

His bright green eyes were enchanting, and when she began posting his pictures online, people fell in love! He was at least 10 years old, but he still had so much love to give! She took him home and that was that.

Going to the shelter in order to volunteer changed her life for the better, and by sharing her story, she hopes to encourage others to do the same. Even if it is just a few hours a week, it can make such a huge difference in the lives of so many animals. (Although, adopting one isn’t required – she just happened to fall in love with a little angel!)

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