As It Turns Out, The Customer Is NOT Always Right! How Embarrassing! This Guy Got What He DESERVED!

Surely you’ve seen these situations before! You’re in a store, minding your own business…when suddenly, a customer tries to bully the store employee. On rare occasions, the employee may have made a mistake, but most of the time you can bet that the rude customer is just trying to get a discount or something for free. Well, in THIS particular store, they don’t take kindly to such behavior, and the ENTIRE room reacted PERFECTLY!

(My uncle owns a chain of bike shops. We’re having a meal with my grandparents, and have gathered at the shop waiting for my cousin to finish his shift. An obnoxious customer is giving him trouble.)

Customer: “You are useless! Do you even know anything about bikes?”

Cousin: “When I’m not here, I race them.”

Customer: “Don’t take that tone with me!”

Cousin: “I wasn’t trying to take any tone—”

Customer: “Do you know who I am?! I’m the owner’s brother, and I will have you fired!”

(I am unable to contain myself, and turn to my brother.)

Me: “Did you hear that, bro? We’ve got another uncle!”

Customer: “…What?”

(The customer turns to see the crowd of us waiting.)

Dad: “I have another brother?”

Granddad: *to my grandmother* “Was this while I was away at sea? How could you?”

Grandmother: “All the jokes about a child in every port, and you were hiding THIS?”

Customer: “I… er…”

Uncle: “Well you don’t need to ring me; I’m here already! What has my son done this time?”

(The customer runs out. My dad starts shouting after him in a bad Italian accent.)

Dad: “You don’t a messa with the family!”

Grandmother: *to my granddad* “Well that one’s definitely yours.”

I’m cheering! I love that the entire family joined in and realized what was happening. I’m not sure my family would have been clever enough to pull this off…I hope that this customer learned their lesson! This is really just too funny. Who doesn’t love a good laugh?!

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