Artist Turns “Bird Houses” Into Actual Houses For Birds!

Jada Fitch lives in Portland, Maine, and her hobby has us in awe! She creates these incredible bird houses by hand…and captures the birds that come to visit and eat delicious snacks! The bird houses are decorated with bird-sized furniture, portraits of birds, and one even sports a bird-sized fireplace! The feathered guests can enjoy a delicious snack of assorted seeds while coming up close to the camera.How does she capture the incredible shots without being spotted? The answer is clever. Her method allows her to get within inches of the birds and really admire them.She uses duct tape and attaches the bird homes to the outside of her window! They are made of out of cardboard boxes, which means that they are, unfortunately, not waterproof. Or squirrel-proof, for that matter.

She puts the houses up for a few hours a day to observe and photograph the birds at close-range. After a while, she takes the houses back down and brings them inside before they can be shredded by squirrels or ruined by wind and rain.

She does keep full-time feeders in the back of her yard, but these are special and only go up when she has time to take pictures and film.Here is a little bird in action!The idea is inspiring! Why place a bird feeder in the yard when you can put one right up to the window? The little birds won’t see anything but their reflection allowing us to see them from just inches away!

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