Artist Spent Her Summer Indoors To Draw Until Her Pen Ran Out Of Ink! The Results Are Insane!

Some artists use oil paints. Some use pencils, others use their computers. And some, like Asuko Sato, use ballpoint pens to create art that is thought-provoking and beautiful. The Japanese artist found herself with quite a bit of free time on her hands and decided to try something unique.

She’d always had a soft spot for drawing little smiley faces and repetitive patterns. She decided to combine these preferences to see just how much she could draw with a single Hi-Tec-C ballpoint pen. It was her favorite pen to use, and she didn’t plan on leaving her house for a few days…

The project took off! She began filling note cards with smiley faces – some aren’t smiling, she adds – in the same pattern, making them all as similar as possible.

For six days, she filled note card after note card, enjoying the little project and posting her progress on Twitter for her fans to join in the hype of it.
Eventually, she reached the end of her ink supply, drawing a grand total of 29,249 smileys on 49 note cards!

It led to many people asking ‘why?’

…But it led even more to simply answer ‘why not?’
Not many people use pens until they completely run out of ink, wasting it or losing the entire pen before even getting close. It was impressive, the project she’d set out for herself, and she’s gained even more fans thanks to her quirky art project!

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