Arnold Schwarzenegger Released This Controversial Facebook Post…And People Are Going NUTS!

It’s no secret that California has been leading the way for renewable energy sources. They are trying their hardest to stay away from oil, fossil fuels, and basically anything that has to be mined, refined, and dined. (Okay, maybe not that last one. It rhymed, leave me alone.)

The funny thing is…people are opposing the movement based on whether or not they believe in climate change, and California’s former governor is pretty confused. ‘Why would anyone want to keep us from moving forward to cheaper, cleaner, safer, and better-smelling energy sources?’ He probably asked himself a dozen times while writing his thoughts down. It’s insane…right? Well, “The (former) Governator” put in his two cents, and the internet went crazy.


A lot of people think that his science is off. Many people think that things are just fine the way they are. And most of the people are making puns in reference to his film history that make the comment section a hilarious journey from start to finish.


That one must have taken a while! Did he get them all? It looks like he got them all. I will bet that it took him 30 minutes to write that masterpiece. Seriously.


Can you imagine if the actual Terminator had decided to weigh in on this debate? There would probably be a lot more casualties in this comment section…

So, whichever side of the renewable energy debate you are on…one thing we can always rely on is the cleverness of social media users and their inability to let anything get in the way of a good pun! Of course, there is backlash all around. People are posting different facts, berating him for not including his sources for the numbers and statistics that he uses, and all-around fighting the decision to “go green” for many differing reasons…but these little gems made me laugh!

I really don’t think I could have come up with anything better than these glorious puns! What do you think about this whole ordeal?

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