Army Veteran Stops Mail Route To Salute Flag Being Raised In Neighborhood

Seeing a USPS mail trauck in a residential neighborhood isn’t that strange to most of us, but seeing the postal worker standing at attention in a stranger’s yard sure is. That was the sight that Michael L. witnessed on his way home one day, and when he realized why the postal worker was standing still, he pulled over to take this picture.

I stopped right there and grabbed my camera off the seat next to me, took off my hat, and captured the moment.” He wrote.

He waited until the flag had been raised and went over to ask the man if he could publish the photograph.

The man is retired U.S. Army Sgt. Robert Franklin who hadn’t stopped serving his country since his time in the military.

…still serving his country, rain sleet or snow. He is the manifestation of true patriotism, and I am proud to have met him.” Michael finished.

Everyday acts like this help to drive our society towards respect. Franklin didn’t know that someone would see him, that his picture would be taken, or that it would end up being seen by thousands of people. All he knew was that his country’s flag was being raised, and he wanted to respect it in the best way that he could.

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