Arkansas Mother Reveals Common Core For Being A Horror in 4 Minutes!

When a looming issue is about a child’s educational future, it’s up to the parents to step forward and say what they truly feel in behalf of the kid. This is what Karen Lamoreaux from Arkansas exactly did. In front of the Arkansas State Board of Education, she wanted her voice to be heard.

The topic in discussion is the educational system known as Common Core. It was designed to make students achieve a high standard of learning that makes them globally competitive. However, Karen never saw it happening. For her, The system’s rigidity limits the ability of students.

As you’ll see in this video, she has bravely compared the difference of Common Core to a typical way to solve a basic math exercise. Her sentiment has been seen by millions and petitions against this system has spread across the nation. The concern is fast growing and her voice could be the spark needed for everyone to stand and speak up.

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