Are You Massaging Your Feet Before Bed Every Night? Here Are 41 Reasons Why You Should Start TONIGHT!

Who doesn’t love getting massages? They are especially relaxing after you’ve had a stressful week or had a tough day on the job. Sure, it’s incredible when someone else can work those kinks out for you, but the benefits of massaging your muscles can be obtained regardless of who is doing the massaging.

Our feet are some of the most used parts of our body, but rarely get the respect that they deserve. We don’t really touch them that often (I mean, they kind of smell) and as I recently learned from my kids, they don’t always get washed that well, either.

But according to reflexology, we should be taking a lot better care of our feet! Applying pressure to certain spots on your feet can increase blood flow to other parts of your body, and might even be able to help you to relieve pain, stress, and aches.

Our nerves connect all over our bodies, and this network of nerves can be helpful when you need to regulate or alleviate strange aches or pains in other parts of your body, according to reflexology.

Take a look at this chart! ALL of those areas (over 40!) could have pain relief just from a foot rub, according to top reflexologists.


So, is it real? Does it work?

The theory is that reflexology might treat many different medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and even cancer, but there is no scientific evidence to support those claims, according to the Mayo Clinic.

However, they do say that the benefits from these massages aren’t harmful and can help reduce anxiety and nervousness, as long as the pressure applied isn’t uncomfortable.

So, yes and no. Hey, if this means I get to massage my feet every night and stay healthy, why not? Our feet deserve some TLC after all of the hard work that they do, after all! Give your feet a soothing rub before you go to bed! If anything, it will help you sleep better.

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