“Anonymouse” Has Opened Mini Shops And Diners For Mice In Sweden

Malmö, Sweden was suffering from a suspicious lack of eateries for mice, and Anynymouse decided that it had had enough of the insult to all mice kind. They moved forward to open several stores specifically for mice that measured 25 inches by 12 inches. The shops have a wide variety of meal options for little mice to choose from.

One shop offers several types of cheeses and scrumptious crackers for mice to snack on. A miniature bike (left outside by a mousy patron, no doubt) rests in front of a mouse-sized dumpster. (They accept most major credit cards, too!)The table and chairs sits next to a lovely potted plant arrangement, and the working street lights help the mice find their way after dary.The shop next door offers nuts in many shapes and sizes – perfect for the grumbling tummies of mice in the city – that lights up after dark. Fueled by the electric box, marked for safety, mice can view their options at any hour of the day or night.Upcoming mice events can be seen on posters and signs hanging around the shops, and the Anonymouse hashtag allows curious mice to follow the openings of new restaurants and mice-themed concerts going on around the city.No one knows the identity of Anonymouse, but no one is really complaining, either. They are kind of super adorable.

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