Angry Mom Complains To Store That “Alpha-Bites” Should Be Renamed “Certain Letter Bites” Instead

Nichola Hart was so outraged after purchasing a bag of alphabet-shaped potatoes for her son’s lunch, she posted on the store’s Facebook page. She purchased the shapes from Tesco, a store that sells just about everything, for her son, Logan. Logan was only 4 years old, but he was already quickly learning his letters and could recognize his own name. Mom was helping him along by incorporating his letters into almost every activity – and that meant lunch as well!

But when she opened the bag of fries, she was upset to find no ‘L’ and no ‘O’ letters in the entire bag. She tried her best, but Logan immediately noticed the difference (which is a good thing, we think). Still, she told the company how upset she was and commented later on that they should be renamed “Certain Letter Bites.” Her post went viral and she eventually removed it due to the large amount of traffic, but was still upset. The company pointed out that in the small print on the bag, it states that not every letter will be in every bag as they are random.Other parents say that they improvise as well, but have chosen different letters. For instance, using a butter knife to shave the letter ‘Q’ into an ‘O,’ and removing part of a ‘T’ to create an ‘L.’

The crisps sell for about $2, and other parents say that she was expecting too much out of the bag.

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