Angry Graphic Designer Re-Imagines A Magazine Cover To Show What The Cover Should Look Like

The stereotypes marketed to children based on their gender have been used for decades. “Look better” for girls and “dream big” for boys is the usual theme…but it all blew up one day when these two magazines were photographed side by side. While the magazines aren’t produced by the same company, the overall themes bring into focus the struggle for children to grow up and already be expected to act in one way or another. 0When Katherine Young, a graphic designer, saw the two covers, she was outraged. She thought it might have been a big hoax…but a quick search revealed that the Girl’s Life magazine was all too real. The Girl’s Life website may have a lot of helpful articles on how to deal with bullying and choosing a career, but the magazine cover was insulting. Young took 10 minutes and tossed together an idea for what the cover should have looked like: Instead of learning the “style secrets of Olivia Holt,” girls might be more interested in Olivia Hallisey’s prize-winning science project. Instead of worrying about “waking up pretty,” girls might want to learn about proper nutrition.

Inspiring girls to live each day and work towards their dreams is more important than being pretty and kissing boys, and she hopes that magazines will listen.

Which magazine would you buy?

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