Angry Cat Swims Through Flood Waters And People Can’t Handle It

When flood waters reached shocking heights during hurricane Harvey in Texas, people found themselves facing difficulties that they’d never needed to consider before. Areas that hadn’t flooded in over 20 years were suddenly underwater and the flood waters took over the city, displacing animals as well as people. This feral cat was no exception.

Photographed swimming through the water, he quickly went viral as soon as he hit Twitter. His angry frown was just too relatable for people to leave alone.

This cat looks like he’s going to write a sternly worded letter to his city councilor when he gets home…”

While the water was several feet taller than he was, he did not give a single care.
Not to worry, he made it to relative safety to have a quick rest.

While people were glad to see that he made it to higher ground, they didn’t understand why the photographer left him alone on the top of a car. Several animal lovers stepped up to provide their expertise:

It will always run until it can’t – and then it’ll fight.” Said one comment.

Feral cats are dangerous when they are cornered and scared, she said, and the photographer did they right thing by leaving the cat to its own devices, especially since he didn’t have any kind of cage or protection against the cat’s claws.
For now, we’ll just be happy that this angry cat found a dry place to rest!

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