“Ancient” Cat Surrendered For Being “Too Old” And One Woman Couldn’t Let Him Die In The Shelter

When a cat with special needs arrives at an animal shelter, the hopes of them finding a new home are very low. When an old cat with special needs arrives, the hopes that someone will take them home are abysmal. A 20-year-old deaf cat was surrendered to Spotsylvania Animal Shelter in Virginia, and when the family explained why, workers at the shelter probably felt their hearts break.

The cat, Rascal, had been with his family for his entire life. As he grew older and older, he began to deteriorate. He lost his hearing and began to have accidents around the house. His family couldn’t care for him any longer and decided that the best thing to do would be to give him up. They wished him well and left.

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The shelter decided to post a flea on Facebook for anyone looking to take in an old cat with a few health problems. They hoped that his first night would be his last in the shelter. An old cat, they knew, might not last very long in the stressful environment of the shelter. 

Incredibly, one woman was scrolling through her notifications that day when Rascal’s adorable face popped up on her screen. She was moved by his story…but she just wasn’t sure that she could take him in.

As the hours passed, she knew that she should at least meet him.

She drove to the shelter…and it was love at first sight! Rascal was nervous, but he took a liking to her! She knew that it would be a lot of work to get him the medical care that he needed to be comfortable, but his cute little face and cuddly demeanor made everything worth it!

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