An Old Woman Comes To The Store And Has A VERY Strange Request…Her Reasoning Is Just VICIOUS!!

You know when someone has a story that “well, you had to be there…” This is NOT one of those stories! I think that everyone who has ever been in a relationship can agree with this old woman’s logic, and not a soul can argue that they wouldn’t have done the exact same thing in her position! You might not always want to play fair when you’re fighting with a spouse or partner or family member…but you don’t want to be outright mean about it either. Sometimes, a little inconvenience will go much farther than a shouting match!

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This woman knew her stuff! Screaming at her husband wouldn’t be as effective as making him carrying all of the really heavy groceries into the house! Was it a mean thing to do? Yes, probably. Will it make a hilarious story to tell at the dinner table and share with the internet? Yes, DEFINITELY! Unfortunately, I am not as clever as this little old lady so I may just steal this one – as long as the groceries won’t bust through the bag and spill out onto the floor! So the moral of the story is…do NOT mess with the elderly…even if you ARE elderly!!

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