An Old Man In A Wheelchair Approached This Employee…His Reaction Is Going VIRAL!

It’s a busy day at the store. Items need to be restocked, the new shipment needs to be put through inventory, there’s a long line of customers in the store, and there’s probably a lot of cleaning to get done before the end of the shift. Most of us would be rushing to get all of our daily tasks completed so that we wouldn’t be expected to stay longer than we needed to…

But not this kid! Even though he was busy and there were clearly other things that needed to get done before the day was over, when an old man asked him a simple question…he responded in a way that had MULTIPLE customers stopping in their tracks to witness the event!


It is so rare to see such a young person have such respect for his elders.”


This young boy didn’t care about restocking or cleaning or if his manager would get mad for taking time out of his schedule…he cared about this one man who needed his help the most. After all, what’s the point of “customer service” if you aren’t willing to take the time out of your day to actually serve the customers? This story is inspiring – no wonder it is going VIRAL! 

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