An Officer ORDERS A Homeless Man To Do This…And Onlookers Are STUNNED!

Law enforcement is under a lot of stress recently. The expectation to “protect and serve” while dealing with cops who don’t take their job seriously can really make it harder for the ones who are genuinely good. The officers that put their uniform everyday and look out for ways to help in their communities are the ones we should respect. Until they are all able to weed out the bad ones and straighten themselves out, we need to share the stories of the men in uniform who go out every shift and do their best to support their community. This is the story of one such officer, and it really touched my heart!


He didn’t care that the man didn’t want to order any food. He didn’t care that the man was willing to stand out in the cold, icy weather and suffer through “just another day.” The officer cared about this man, about the person and his well-being. He gave him money for a hot meal and a place to stay for a while to warm up. He wasn’t looking for applause or a standing ovation. He wasn’t trying to sway the media or look good in front of other people. He was doing what he knew was right because it was right. And for that he deserves all of the respect we can muster.

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