An Officer In The Navy Tries To Correct A New Recruit…But He Changes His Tune Once He Learns THIS! Oops!

The armed forces are all about tradition, respect, and loyalty. Things have been done a certain way for decades, and when new recruits join up, they have to be taught years and years worth of traditions and what is expected of them. Boot camps can be especially tough on new recruits trying to adapt to the new lifestyle, but most of the time, they succeed. The officers in charge of training these new recruits are no strangers to the constant attempts to undermine their authority. But in cases like this one, a young soldier will get the best of the officer without even trying!


I showed my dad this story, and he said that if someone in their ranks had pulled this – even if it was unintentional – they would be running laps and never hear the end of it! I asked him what they would do if someone had an embarrassing last name, but he didn’t really have an answer for me other than “it’s their name, what are you gonna do about it?” Have you witnessed this in the armed forces? I’m curious to know how this situation would be handled in real life. I would assume they would continue to use their name like normal, possibly trying not to laugh.

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