An Officer Gave This Sweet Note To A Little Girl After She Completely Changed His Day For The Better!

Neolani Hatton walked back to her car after a shopping trip to find this note on the windshield of her car. She had no idea that the business card stuck under her windshield wiper would make her daughter incredibly happy, or that the post would go viral when she shared it.
She had just parked her car in the Target parking lot when her 3-year-old daughter became very excited to get out of her car seat. The little girl had spotted an officer in a patrol car and wanted to wave hello. Mom thought nothing of the action, not realizing that it had changed someone’s day!

A simple wave from a little girl can make an officer smile and have a better day. Thanks 🙂

A $1.00 for your “piggy bank”

When she read the note to her daughter, the little girl was ecstatic! All week, she talked about the nice officer who left a $1.00 bill and a sticker on the car, and the adorable story spread faster than Noelani Hatton could have imagined.

Parents from every corner of the country (and several from oceans away!) have been sharing their own special stories of when their children shared a smile with an officer and received handshakes, stickers, and sometimes even tears in return. Showing people that you care about their everyday sacrifices is important, and this story proves it!

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