An Obese Customer Walked Into Her Boutique, And The Sales Woman Said THIS On Social Media!

Have you ever worked in retail? If you haven’t I bet you will be able to imagine it after this woman’s story with no issues. Some customers are rude, impatient, and talk down to you as if you weren’t a person at all. Some customers come in with a terrible “I’m better than you” attitude and make you wish you could just quit on the spot. And then there are the customers like THIS. These customers are the ones that keep you coming back to work day after day – no matter how other customers are treating you! I’m so glad she posted this on Facebook!


This post made me so incredibly happy! This is how a shopping experience should be all of the time! Even on your worst days, there are people out there who truly care about you and want you to be happy – even if your goal that day is to just find a nice, flattering pair of jeans! I love the way she describes this woman’s joy at feeling beautiful again! I can picture it now, and it’s almost like a really cute movie! Imagine how happy this woman was when she left the boutique! I bet she felt like a million bucks!

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