An NFL Player Walks Into A Shelter. “Give Me A Dog That’s Been Here A Long Time.”

Ronnie Stanley, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens, walked into BARCS with his girlfriend. The city shelter takes in a lot of animals, and sometimes, those animals aren’t so perfect. For a dog to be “not-so-adoptable,” it can mean a wide variety of things. The animals might be very old, have strict medical concerns that require medication, or physical imperfections among other things.

The staff at BARCS were excited. It’s not every day that someone wants to take home a dog – especially a dog that needs a little more love and care than most!

They showed the couple several dogs, but the pitbull named Winter caught their eye. She was older and had a sagging belly. Usually, when female dogs have this physical feature, it means that they have been used harshly in puppy mills and is a result of over-breeding.

She had been rescued from a vacant building on a sweltering day, locked inside with no water and no way to get fresh air. It was a miracle.

As he fell in love with Winter, he commented on her hanging belly and assured the staff that he didn’t mind one bit.

That’s just what happens when you’ve had babies.”

He signed the adoption papers, brought her home, and is excited to have a new member in his family. He gave this dog a loving home when no one else would. What a special, caring act of love! Winter will never forget it!

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