An Intruder Entered Their House Intending To MURDER Them In Cold Blood. How He Got In? TERRIFYING. Check Your Porch!

Stories of home intruders are things that happen to “other” people. You see stories on the news or hear about them from coworkers, but we always think “that’s terrible, but that won’t happen to me.” Until it does. For these kids, the unthinkable happened in the middle of the night while their parents were away. Due to one child’s quick-thinking, this situation ended in an intense battle of wits – thankfully, their story is able to spread the word about something that a LOT of people still do!

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A lot of people keep a spare key in places that they think no one would think to check, or in very obvious places that make would-be intruders think that there couldn’t possibly be a key in such an obvious place. This family kept a key in an obvious place, and it nearly ended the lives of their children. Think about where you keep your spare keys. Are they well-hidden or do you only think that they are well-hidden? Because of stories like this, I no longer keep a key out in the open. It may be a good idea to give one to a trusty neighbor or nearby family member. Stay safe and don’t hide your keys outdoors!

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