An Employee Tries To Trick His Boss Into Writing A Good Recommendation Letter…But This Supervisor Is Too Clever To Be Tricked!

Recommendation letters can be tough to write. When an employee or a volunteer has been doing great work, it is easy to sit down and list all of their good qualities. Even if you feel obligated to add in areas that they need to improve, there is no issue with outlining the way they overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. When someone asks for a recommendation letter who doesn’t have the best record with the company or organization, writing a recommendation letter can be a completely different challenge, as this boss quickly discovered…


This is a perfect reason to refuse writing a recommendation letter! It took me a few years to learn that it is alright to decline to write one for someone. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” certainly applies in this case! I would hate to start working with someone based on their personal or professional references only to discover that their character was clearly misrepresented. Poor Bob! He tried to influence this letter by hovering over his boss’ shoulder. Too bad his boss had other ideas! I really applaud this guy. That letter was clever and misleading. No wonder he is in charge of their company!

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