An Employee LAUGHED At This Struggling Mom…Until Several Customers Stepped Up To Defend Her!

Stepping up when others are clearly in need can sometimes be a lot easier said than done. It takes a lot of guts to stand up for a complete stranger, and that’s probably why we read about it more often than we get to witness it in person. These stories get shared because they are “out of the normal” for the society we live in. Most of the time, people are content to just walk right on past people who are need. They don’t care about anyone else’s problems but their own. That is what makes this story so incredible.

I stopped off at Goodwill this morning to check out what they had when I noticed that a lady and her kid–a small girl–came in and asked if she could have a pair of shoes and a jacket for her kid. The manager told her that they couldn’t afford to give her anything, citing company policy. It was snowing outside, and the woman was in tears.

She looked like she could have also used some new shoes herself.

I felt so sorry for her.

The worst part about it is that one of the employees started snickering and laughing about her situation, wondering aloud how anyone would be so stupid as to think that they could get free stuff from there.

Because the manager wasn’t around for us to complain to, me and several other people just walked straight out of there and we took the woman and her child with us. I took them to the nearby Salvation Army, where they not only gave her and her kid shoes and a coat but also some vouchers for free meals.

I can’t believe anyone at Goodwill would do this. I won’t be supporting them from now on.

Good Will is supposed to be a place for people to buy second-hand goods at inexpensive prices. No one goes to a store like this expecting to find “great deals,” they are going because they can’t afford to buy these items new from a retailer. These employees obviously hadn’t been trained in customer service, and I hope that after this encounter, they were able to correct their behavior in the future. As for this mom, I’m so glad that she was able to get the help that she so desperately needed! These customers deserve a huge round of applause!

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